Is it time to reset and recharge your team’s efforts?

Is it time to reset and recharge your team’s efforts? Are your people in need of a fresh outlook, skills and quality time to connect with each other? 

Invest in your team through our 1 day Leadership Intensive and your team will walk away stronger, more energised and committed to enacting practical takeaways that can be implemented straight away.

The Impact League Summit incorporates beautiful nature-based activities at a wilderness location in the Sydney basin, to stimulate learning and connection outside of the office. Or we also create a unique and uplifting virtual experience for people living outside of Sydney.

Our Leadership Intensives can be tailored to your organisational needs and you have the opportunity to select content from our core Diversity, Equity and Inclusion modules to explore our framework for building inclusive workplaces and harnessing diversity with your leadership team.


■ Improve organisational performance

■ Reaffirm the value and interconnectedness of each person in your team

■ Develop a leadership action plan

■ Cultivate an understanding of social justice and sustainability principles and how they can be enacted through everyday action in your organisation

Turn your vision for an equitable organisation into reality. Impact Business School Founder and Director of Global Learning Solutions, Patricia Kaziro, will work with you to implement a movement of positive change and impact for your organisation.

Patricia Kaziro

Director of Global Learning Solutions

Principal Consultant


Patricia leads the creation and activation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning solutions and our flagship leadership program The Impact League.