What do employees want?


■ A workplace designed for our needs today with the technology and right culture to thrive with hybrid work

■ A sustained and visible commitment to DEI and belonging. Action not words.

■ Mental health and wellbeing support through organisational culture

■ Interactive learning and microcredentials

■ To get a promotion or move into management or leadership roles within the same organisation

■ Leadership and skills development and professional growth

■ To work in a company where they are aligned with the organisational culture

■ Flexible work and learning

■ A sense of inclusion and belonging

Our Focus Areas


Impact Business School is committed to overcoming the gender gap and universal challenges that women experience in the workplace, to enable them to reach their full potential. We create and deliver strategic initiatives to increase representation and leadership opportunities and close the gender pay gap for women across your organisation. Mentorship, sponsorship and allyship are core pillars of our strategic initiatives.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Impact Business School acknowledges the cultural and linguistic diversity in society and the underrepresentation, microagressions and racial discrimination that may be experienced by minority cultural and linguistic groups within the workplace. Our learning solutions shift people from Cultural Cruise Control to Respectful Cultural Curiosity and build a sense of belonging for all.

Generational Diversity

Impact Business School supports companies to build a diverse workforce including employees across different ages and generations. We recognise the value of divergent skills, abilities and perspectives of people of all ages and provide strategies to attract and retain the best talent at different stages of life, including recent graduates, parents and carers and employees nearing retirement. We guide you to build a talent pipeline that adapts to meet the needs of your organisation and its people.

We specialise in building inclusive workplaces. Our solutions support your vision to:


 ■  Embed the principles of respect and belonging within an organisation

 ■  Create Change Champions and a Culture of Allyship through Diversity Committees, Affinity Groups and Leader Mentorship

 ■  Attract, support and retain diverse talent

 ■  Identify the gaps, address barriers and measure the success of an inclusive workforce

 ■  Overcome racial inequities and unconscious bias in the workplace

 ■  Create and cultivate high performing teams and work cultures

 ■  Build commitment rather than compliance to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles and create a sense of belonging in hybrid workplaces

 ■  Leverage development plans and assessment tools to enable satisfaction, commitment and performance of diverse talent and teams

Our Process and People

Our Initial Business Audit

Is followed by regular consultancy that supports the transition of companies that seek to become leaders in their industry. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy is led by Patricia Kaziro and specialises in future proofing your business, building an inclusive and resilient workforce and increasing turnover and profitability by harnessing the power of diversity.

Impact Business School Empowers

Your organisation to create a legacy by transforming its business footprint and embedding social justice and sustainability as two core pillars of its business operations, culture and outcomes. We will act as an experienced, independent advisor and contributor in navigating the process of streamlining operations and enabling intelligent and sustainable outcomes.

Impact Business School 

An Impactful and sustainable business consultancy firm with extensive experience in executive coaching. Our Principal Consultant Patricia Kaziro has six years of experience coaching and mentoring business leaders from SMEs, startups and scaleups. Patricia is currently studying a Diploma of Sustainable Living at the University of Tasmania and has previously attained the qualifications of a Graduate Certificate of Business Commercialisation, Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), Coach qualification (NLP Practitioner) and Diploma in Horticulture (Landscape Design) + more. Her understanding of the corporate environment, diverse industries and commitment to creating sustainable business solutions will be an asset to the operations and growth strategy for your company. Patricia also leads the learning design and leadership intensive solutions created exclusively by Impact Business School for our corporate partners.

Patricia Kaziro

Director of Global Learning Solutions

Principal Consultant


Patricia leads the creation and activation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning solutions and our flagship leadership program The Impact League.