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Patricia Kaziro is the Founder and CEO of Impact Business School. With a career spent facilitating transformation for individuals, businesses and communities, Patricia confidently guides business leaders to create more impact by building high performing teams and inclusive workplaces. She is a powerful enabler of transformational change and is well equipped to co-pilot your organisational objectives and move your company forwards.

Our Story

Patricia is inspired by the greatest changemakers and social leaders of our time. Her gift is the ability to champion established and emergent leaders to activate their values by helping them answer these questions: “How can I respond and adapt to the future of work? How do I create resilient teams? How can I hire and retain the best talent and harness diversity to be an asset in our organisation?”.

Our Why

Patricia was compelled to establish Impact Business School and disrupt the notion of “business as usual”, by combining her commercial business acumen with the growing shift towards impact-driven business that does good for both people and planet. She believes that each of us can contribute to the complex ecological and social issues that we live in – by harnessing the power of diversity and striving towards equity. Now is the time for companies to support diversity to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.


Patricia is sought after for the breadth and depth of her professional experience, academic qualifications and unique lived experience. 

Patricia brings her wealth of experience as a Speaker, Instructor, Community Builder and Professional Educator into our program design and leads our Global Programs and team of Executive Coaches. Patricia also hosts our Meet the Leaders podcast.

Patricia has an holistic and humanistic approach to transformation that factors in what makes each individual and organisation unique and considers how we can bridge the gap between what we know and what we can do to create more resilient people and companies.

Start the conversation with Patricia and build a better future through business.

Track Patricia’s Timeline


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology


TEDx Sydney community engagement project


Diploma of Horticulture, Landscape Design


GROW Program Director, in partnership with City of Sydney and St Vincent’s Hospital


Graduate Certificate in Education, Social Ecology


NLP Coaching Practitioner qualification


Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner qualification


Founded Radiate Coaching


Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship


Travelled to India with NSW Government to explore entrepreneurial ecosystem


Founded Impact Business School


Grow with Google Lead Instructor in Australia


Diploma in Sustainable Living

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Duncan Smith

We are delighted to welcome Duncan Smith aboard the Impact Business School as one of our inaugural Experts-in-Residence.
Duncan holds a BA in Comparative Religion from Trinity College and a M.Ed. from Harvard focusing on Organizational Behaviour and Adult Learning.

Duncan serves as an advisor to and mentor for the Inclusion Allies Coalition, is a coach for the Forum on Workplace Inclusion and has been a member of the Expert Panel for the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Benchmarks since 2011. In 2018 Duncan released the book Foundations of Diversity, where in conversation with Hala Abdelnour, he explored similarity and difference, majority and minority, assumptions and bias, inclusion and exclusion, power and privilege.

Duncan creates the space for global and local leaders to work better with each other and their teams and has extensive experience designing, implementing and evaluating organisational culture change in the private, government, non-profit, community and academia sectors, working in 24 countries across 4 continents (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia).

Duncan believes the power of diversity can be best used to solve problems and build stronger working relationships. We couldn’t agree more and invite you to join Duncan Smith and Patricia Kaziro at Impact Business School’s upcoming Roundtable Masterclass so you can meet our Expert-in-Residence and learn more about what modern leadership and inclusive workplaces look like and creating impact as a collective by celebrating our diversity and interconnectedness.

Patricia Kaziro

Director of Global Learning Solutions

Principal Consultant


Patricia leads the creation and activation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning solutions and our flagship leadership program The Impact League.