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Did you know that for employers to have the biggest impact on their people in 2022 and beyond – employee experience is critical to engage and retain the best talent. 68% of employees are looking for growth and development opportunities, 66% identify corporate social responsibility as a core value, 72% value employee wellbeing, 66% seek engagement and 67% of employees look for manager effectiveness and trust in leadership.

Diversity is a profit driver in companies. For companies that report above average diversity in their management teams, their revenue is 20% higher. Inclusion is now a competitive advantage in business.

Impact Business School is a change consultancy firm building resilient leaders who can manage the future of work. We are a world-class provider of learning solutions, consultants and executive coaches, who specialise in building inclusive workplaces. We drive systemic change and organisational performance through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion best practices. We are committed to forming strong relationships with our partners and delivering sustainable outcomes.


What We Do

We have a strong focus on building high performing, resilient teams that harness diversity. We create new tools and learning solutions for sustainable progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.


Our Approach

We address individual mindsets, behaviours and organisational practices, cultures and policies through consulting, executive coaching and microlearning. We give leaders and teams the resources to thrive.


Our Mission

By 2030 we’ll give 1 million business leaders the tools, knowledge and education to lead high performing, diverse teams that solve pressing social and ecological problems.

Cocreate the future of work with us


Make a commitment to your people, unleash innovation and create a culture where everyone feels they belong. Partner with us and

 ■ Generate higher revenue by harnessing diversity

 ■ Attract the best talent

 ■ Reduce employee turnover

 ■ Create a culture of high performance and employee engagement

 ■ Increase innovation and service new markets

 ■ Improve the company’s reputation and social license to operate

We Offer

1 | The Impact League

2 | The Impact League Summit

3 | Executive Coaching

4 | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultancy

Our Projects


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create stronger teams and bring ideas to life to solve pressing problems, drive innovation and increase profitability. We build phenomenal companies and co-create solutions with our partners to build an equitable and sustainable future for all. We work with CEO’s, Human Resources personnel; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professionals, Recruitment Specialists, Learning & Development and Employee Engagement leaders.

Our Why

“I grew up as a biracial child in the 80’s and 90’s in Sydney, Australia. It was just my brother and I who looked alike, as having African and Anglo-Celtic heritage at the time was uncommon. I was always different, in cultural identity and in the breadth and depth of my lived experience! If I didn’t make an effort to engage with others, I would not have fit in. I learnt the hard way in my 20’s that people judged me based on the colour of my skin and gender and again in my 30’s at a university business school. I was compelled to change the experience for other people and achieve equality in every room I walk into. Impact Business School was born.” Patricia Kaziro

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Meet the Leaders Podcast


In this episode of Meet the Leaders with Patricia Kaziro, we explore how circular businesses can grow their positive impact and speed up the transition towards more sustainable, safe and inclusive economies. Patricia speaks with Jeremy Croes, a Sustainability Specialist & Growth Strategist facilitating faster adoption of sustainable and circular technologies and solutions.



The Impact League is a collective of business leaders, changemakers, creators and inventors.

We are revolutionizing the future of work by building future leaders and teams that are adaptive, resilient, high performing and profitable.

To empower 1000 people with world-leading learning solutions, the road to get there starts with you.

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