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We are revolutionising the future of work by building future leaders and teams that are adaptive, resilient and high performing. We have the tools to help you on your way.

Join the Impact League and join a league of extraordinary humans. Our members include established and emerging leaders who are shaping the future of work. Our members are committed to building inclusive workplaces and:

■  Align with universal SOCIAL JUSTICE principles

■  Build SUSTAINABLE ecosystems that foster innovation and inclusive design

■  Engineer an increase in PROFITABILITY and utilise diversity as an asset

How to join?

To empower 1000 people with world-leading learning solutions, the road to get there starts with you.

Join the Impact League by undertaking our core Diversity, Equity and Inclusion modules and you’ll be given a number that identifies you as part of our mission. You’ll be granted access to a community of your peers and receive first access to news of upcoming events and connection points to meet other members and experts from the team at Impact Business School. 

Activate your membership and unleash your leadership potential. Take action in a supportive learning environment that fuels your success and strategically brings others on the journey to achieve equity for all.

Learning Solutions

We provide world-class learning solutions to business partners across the globe. Our learning solutions incorporate microlearning and are designed to be easily understood by busy professionals within the work day.

Our educational content combines data, storytelling and case studies to drive insights and knowledge that transform the habits, mindset and behaviour of your people. 

Our core modules on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focus on creating understanding and behaviour change through bite sized chunks of information and a supportive community of experts and peers who facilitate shifts in thinking and action through our community of practice.

Future proof your workforce with the latest insights into employee engagement, social justice and sustainability that a new generation of employees are looking for. Retain your best employees and hire diverse talent by providing access to our inclusive and transformative learning solutions.

Read more about our Learning Solutions:

■ Ready made solutions that can be plugged in and customised for your organisation, in line with organisational objectives

■ Designed to reduce costs from employee turnover and increase revenue by harnessing the power of diversity

■ Supportive of organisational gender equality targets

■ Capable of measuring the impact and success of your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and financial outcomes

■ Resources to retain the best employees, attract the best talent and stay relevant to a new generation of employees

■ Tools that enable you to have tough conversations and address systemic challenges in your workplace

■ Effective to better listen to and act on employee feedback

■ Collaborative resources that encourage productivity within teams through peer based learning and give leaders some breathing space to focus on other organisational objectives 

■ People learn from their environment and the culture around them. Contact us today to learn more about how you can onboard your team to our engaging learning solutions.

Patricia Kaziro

Director of Global Learning Solutions

Principal Consultant


Patricia leads the creation and activation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning solutions and our flagship leadership program The Impact League.