Executive and Organisational Coaching


We are confident to deliver value to clients in any industry. We work with clients in diverse sectors including construction, infrastructure and engineering, fashion retail, e-commerce, financial services, creative industries and more. Principal Coach Patricia Kaziro has more than 15 years of professional experience within business, the tertiary sector, government, education, landscape design, community services, human services and more.

How does executive coaching work?

Organisational coaching with teams and 1:1 executive coaching focuses on empowering people to excel in their professional life and reach their personal vision, within the context of work. Typically, organisational coaching involves working with an individual to develop their skills and strategically achieve their career goals.

Organisational coaching is structured and goal-oriented and can be tailored to the needs of the individual and what they want to accomplish over a fixed period of time, with the possibility to extend the coaching as it’s needed. Coaching is a tool that can be used by a leader or team member to develop their leadership skills, create a strategy to take a new direction with their career and overcome mindset issues or other barriers to success. 

We provide resources to stimulate and support learning and development in our coaching sessions.

What does Executive Coaching do?

■ Maximises your personal and professional potential

■ Supports you to become a high performing business owner or leader

■ Moves you forward in your thinking into action to achieve a positive shift in mindset and behaviour

Who is Executive Coaching for?

■ Leaders who want to fast-track their success

■ Leaders who want greater accountability to reach their goals

■ Leaders who want clarity about actionable steps that help them reach their business vision

What will I learn?

■ Use principles of influence to find your voice, connect with people better and powerfully persuade others 

■ Communicate effectively and develop rapport with key stakeholders in your organisation

■ Pitch your skills to unpack your competitive advantage

■ Create a leadership action plan to strive towards your goals and find allies to support you on your journey

What does our framework empower leaders to do?

■ Identify leadership gaps and address barriers to career advancement for diverse leaders

■ Set targets to reach 40:40:20 gender parity. Enhance performance and sustainability by diversifying leadership roles

■ Provide equal opportunity for diverse team members to succeed through mentorship and identifying divergent lived experiences

■ Effectively manage team conflict and misaligned behaviours. Engage in courageous conversations

■ Create an action plan to spotlight, celebrate and normalise diversity eg an allies initiative

■ Utilise data to monitor the success of your DEI strategy 

How does Executive Coaching empower the leaders of tomorrow?

■ Leadership development to build character and integrity and be of service

■ Mentorship and coaching to achieve inner development that builds resilience to tackle organisational and external challenges

■ The active support of diverse talent

■ Guiding employees to advance into leadership roles and other career objectives

Patricia Kaziro

Director of Global Learning Solutions

Principal Consultant


Patricia leads the creation and activation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning solutions and our flagship leadership program The Impact League.