Going into the new year, I knew I wanted to make serious strides in my business. I needed help; after my discovery call with Patricia, I could tell she was ‘The One’.

I was drawn to Patricia because we share the same values. I knew her expertise and life experience would give me great insights into how I could grow my copywriting business while also making a bigger impact.

During our sessions together, Patricia brought her wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm, without ever being pushy or overbearing. Her approach is warm and direct. She’ll keep you on track, she’ll laugh with you, and she’ll remind you to celebrate yourself.

Patricia gives you the space and time you need to talk through ideas, and she’s able to help you pull everything together to make it make sense. 

Patricia just “gets me”.  She always saw my potential, even if I couldn’t always see it myself. I’m a highly sensitive soul, so I needed someone to balance me out!

When I was struggling, Patricia gave me extra support. She’s there for you as a strategic voice, but she also gives generously with her heart.

Working with Patricia feels easy, but her action items will challenge you to move out of your comfort zone. After working with her, I had two consecutive record months in my biz.

I know Patricia and I will stay in touch – there is so much more to learn from her! As I continue to grow my business, I know I can always call on her for support.

If you’re ready to take bold action to grow your biz, and you want to learn how to create a positive impact along the way, then Patricia’s your coach!